Saturday, December 8, 2012

"Wonderful!" cried the Madman...

"This is one of the most significant multi-author anthologies of recent years." That's what this new RAVE review leads off with.

Here in Dim Carcosa, sipping our tea on the blacony above the cloudwaves, we do love hearing another Reader enjoyed their stroll in our Winter Gardens.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Arkham Digest spends a season in Carcosa

The Arkham Digest dressed for the chill of autumnal madness and ventured forth by the light of strange moons in search of the unknown... There, in the vale of the Winter Lantern, they received the Yellow Sign and spoke with the Repairer of Reputations. Upon their return, I heard them whisper to fellow travelers, "Highly recommended."

You can read the whole of their travelogue here

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hellbound Times sees the Yellow Sign and RAVES! !!

'This is a superior collection, with a diverse and outstanding line-up of talent.'

Walt Hicks at "Hellbound Times" has reviewed A SEASON IN CARCOSA. Yeah, he loved it... and everyone here in Carcosa is OverMoon w/ glee~ ~~

You can read his full review here

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012


HLP sent a yellow note to {a certain} Mr. Rolfe at "BIBLOMANCY", it said, "The King in Yellow, a series of vaguely connected short stories having as a background a monstrous and suppressed book whose perusal brings fright, madness, and spectral tragedy, really achieves notable heights of cosmic fear… You might want to check it out..."  So Rolfe put on his walkin' shoes and wandered... in the Dim glades of the Winter Lantern where he, tainted by the cloudwaves, became a member of the Imperial Dynasty of America.

Here's his curious [but not quaint] travelogue about his SEASON IN CARCOSA~ ~~

And here is the ToC:

Joel Lane  . . . My Voice is Dead

Don Webb . . . Movie Night at Phil’s
Daniel Mills . . . MS Found in a Chicago Hotel Room
Gary McMahon . . . it sees me when I’m not looking
Ann K. Schwader . . . Finale, Act Two
Cate Gardner . . . Yellow Bird Strings
Edward Morris . . . THE THEATRE & ITS DOUBLE
Richard Gavin . . . The Hymn of the Hyades
Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. . . . . . . Not Enough Hope
Kristin Prevallet . . . Whose Hearts are Pure Gold
Richard A. Lupoff . . . APRIL DAWN
Anna Tambour . . . King Wolf
Michael Kelly . . . THE WHITE-FACE AT DAWN
Cody Goodfellow . . . WISHING WELL
John Langan . . . Sweetums
Pearce Hansen . . . THE KING IS YELLOW
Laird Barron . . . D T
Robin Spriggs . . . SALVATION IN YELLOW
Allyson Bird . . . The Beat Hotel

A Season in Carcosa

Our cover, by Danielle Serra! !!